Body Wrap

This seaweed and clay wrap is specifically made to help detoxifying the body, and hence reduce cellulite.  Cellulite is an accumulation of fat with a high amount of trapped fluid containing metabolic waste, toxins and polluants.  Impaired blood and lymph circulation contributes to cellulite by causing the connective tissue to lose flexibility and tighten over the fat layer, making it bulge through the tissue.

Seaweed and seasalt or seawater is rich in minerals, vitamins and iodine, which detoxify the skin by drawing out excess fluid from our cells, speeds up the metabolism, raise body temperature and helps break down fat. It also promotes local vasodilatation and increased circulation of blood and lymph flow which help treat cellulite by supporting the elasticity of the skin and collagen production.





stimulates blood and lymph circulation

improves skin’s elasticity

regenerates damaged skin cells, and improve cellular function

stimulates collagen production

skin firming and toning

reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

hydration and exfoliation

enhances fat metabolism

reduces the appearance of cellulite

reduces fluid retention

re-mineralization of the skin and body

increase metabolism

body wrap


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