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Hi, my name is Pascale Roussel, i am more than delighted to be able to share my holistic knowledge and experience with you as a client. Before making a career change to become a holistic wellness practitioner, i worked in the health industry for 12 years as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. My background also involves studies in Social Sciences and Psychology.

In the last few years my growing awareness, enlightenment and discoveries of energy healing have lead me to believe that i can make a bigger and better change, and provide more help to people by becoming an alternative health professional, and this is why i chose this new life path.

I have been using Essential Oils since my mother discovered their amazing benefits over 15 years ago and introduced their usage into our family, and i now use and offer them in my services to clients. More recently I’ve become a Holy Fire, Karuna and Usui Reiki Master,  as well as a Chios Master. I’ve learned the techniques of Theta Healing, SAC, Access Consciousness Energy Facelift, Metamorphic Touch and the practice of Reflexology. I’ve also taken the Nail Technician class at Medes College and Spa to offer and add Hand and Foot Care to my healing and nurturing services.

It is with love that i offer the benefits of these wonderful practices in the hope that it brings you joy, warms your heart and help you reconnect with your soul and all the beauty inside of you.

I am certified under APNN, (Professional Alliance of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists)  which allows my services to be covered by most Insurance Plans.

I offer my services in both official languages.


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